Power of Positive Drinking 21: Boehner’s Bag of Flaming Tricks


Souless ghouls! Mindless zombies! Crazed sociopaths! No, we aren’t talking about the usual cast of nightmares you see around the end of October. Year round you can find this horde of fiends skulking around the nations capitol. Few ever make it out of the demonic horror show that is the House of Representatives alive. But one lucky soul has made his escape from the clutches of terror, and he is none other than the former warden of that madhouse: John Boehner. Now, with a murderous grin spread across his pumpin-colored face, he is free to revel in the treats and the tricks of this festive season. The coven that is The Power of Positive Drinking summons you to join the city’s finest jokesters at Denizens Brewing Co. as they engage in wicked acts in honor of his departure. Who will fall victim to the dreaded TP-ing, or the forking of the front yard? Only time will tell….

Comics, for the chance to be the one lighting the bag and running, email at: popdrinkingcomedy[at]gmail.com

Join us Sunday October 25
7:00 pm
Denizens Brewing Co.
1115 E West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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