Power of Positive Drinking pt. 19: Jive Aid – A Bankruptcy Fundraiser for 50 & Friends


Let’s face it. The struggle is real. We all do our damndest to shine, but sometimes, in the process of getting rich, you go broke trying. But you must never knock the hustle. No matter if your Bentley is on layaway, nor if your return your bling from whence it came at the end of each long, hard day. Don’t let them call you a wankster, folks. You’re just being practical. After all, sometimes filing for bankruptcy on multiple occasions doesn’t derail your presidential bid, it just shows how savvy you are at manipulating the laws of the market.

We at The Power of Positive Drinking believe that the biggest key to success is keeping up the appearance that you are successful. It is therefore our duty to gather together the DC area’s finest comedians at Port City Brewing Company on Wednesday, September 9, to draw attention and support to that small segment of the population whose ambitions exceed their ability to soundly manage their finances in any way, shape or form.

Join us September 9 at 6:30 pm!
Port City Brewing Company
3950 Wheeler Ave
Alexandria, VA 22304

Our performers include:
Yoki Danoff
Jamel Johnson
Martin Amini
Katherine Jessup
Randolph Terrance
Arielle Kaplan
David Coulter
Adrian Rodney

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