Power of Positive Drinking pt. 20: END THEM – A V Special Tribute 2 Millennials


They’ve been named many things. Generation Y. Generation We. Generation Me. Generation Next. The Net Generation. Even the Echo Boomers. They’ve been called lazy, pathetic, entitled, narcissistic, egotistic and also the gatekeepers to everything that is now and will be culturally relevant for the foreseeable future. They’re attached to their smartphones and uninterested in what the old guard has to offer. They speak in a language that sounds increasingly less and less human. They can bring a social media platform to unknown heights and a political campaign to its knees. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the time of The Millennials is nigh.

We at The Power of Positive Drinking would not dare oppose their sheer force of ambivalent will. Instead we propose you join us Sunday, October 27 as we bring together DC’s finest comedic tastemakers, including Alyssa Cowan, Nicki Fuchs, Chelsea Shorte, Mike Olmikeb Brown and others, at Denizens Brewing Co to hoist a glass in celebration of the new status quo. Don’t worry; you’ll still have one free hand to text with.

Join us Sunday October 27
7:00 pm
Denizens Brewing Co.
1115 E West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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