Power of Positive Drinking 22: PLEASE STOP TALKING


Momma always said, “Don’t let your mouth sign a check that your ass can’t cash.” Whose Momma it was that said it, we can’t really be sure. But clearly some of us weren’t raised with the common sense of goddamn flounder. Chalk it up to bad upbringing, bad impulse control or just a plain ol’ bad blow to the head at an early age, but there are clearly too many people getting too much attention for having too little decency. Don’t get us wrong! We at The Power of Positive Drinking would like to have our fifteen minutes of fame someday, too. But we at least have the self-respect not to show our glaring ignorance in order to do so. No, instead we choose to rally the sharpest wits and the quickest tongues DC has to offer together at ┬áPort City Brewing Co. Collectively we plan to throw shade on all those who let loose a gaffe, a flub, a Freudian slip, a momentary lapse in judgement or just a plain old pejorative statement about an entire group of people. Hell, maybe if we’re loud enough these idiots will finally shut up and go away forever.

Yoki Danoff
Erica Johnson
Dee Ahmed
Wendy Wroblewski
Hillary Joyce
Tok Moffat
Ryan Neser
Mike Olmikeb Brown
Haywood Turnipseed Jr

Join us at November 12 at Port City Brewing Company
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
3950 Wheeler Ave, Alexandria, Virginia 22304

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