Power of Positive Drinking pt. 17: Bernie Down The House!


At last, the time which satirists, social commentators and the Internet community in general slavers for with nihilistic delight has come again. The run-up to a new presidential election is here! As the crushing wheel that is the election cycle prepares to grind these foolish power-hungry mortals into nothing more than gaffs and dust, we at The Power of Positive Drinking cordially invite you to Denizens Brewing Co. Here you can join the finest parodic minds our nation’s capitol has to offer, including Damo Hicks, Wendy Wroblewski, Alli Hanley, Pat Coffey, Stephen Joseph Campbell, Jonathan McBride and many others. We’ll raise a glass for the one candidate we feel will set the debate stages ablaze with some white hot truth no matter how likely it is that he’ll lose to Hillary.

Remember, bad-asses never look back at the explosion. They just cue the electric guitar solo and walk away in slow motion.

Comedians, if you want to greedily lick your chops with the rest of the wolves, email us:

Join us July 26 at 6:30 pm
Denizens Brewing Co.
1115 East West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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