POPD & Sunday Happy Hour Comedy Present: U Street Comedy Block Party


Most of life is a competition, whether it’s elbowing your way onto a crowded Metro car during rush hour or igniting the avarice of onlookers as you gun down the strip in a car worth more than some people’s houses. On some rare occasions though, two mighty forces come together to create something better than just the sum of their parts. This is one such occasion. The Power of Positive Drinking and Sunday Happy Hour Comedy Show have put aside their petty differences and bitter hatred to bring about a Sunday of raw comedic talent the likes of which few have seen. Let the record show that these two titans were able to shirk their egos for the greater good of all mankind and the U Street Corridor.

First, come to the Handsome Cock at 6pm for a fantastic show hosted by Brent Wingate.
If you wish to test your might here, email at: alexbarbagcomedyshow[at]gmail.com

Then, come to The Velvet Lounge at 8pm for a double dose of comedy hosted by the POPD boys, featuring Norm Quarrinton and others!

If you’re a glutton for further punishment on stage, email:

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