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    Start your review of Industriel.
    • 204 friends
    • 3 reviews
    • Seated via Yelp Reservations

    Came here for dinner on a Monday night so the place wasn't too packed. The decor is very modern and the space is a decent size.

    Drinks were great - not overly sweet, we had the Gin Joint and the other gin drink on the cocktail list. Presentation was also a nice touch. We split the short rib croquettes which were fantastic! The meat was melt-in-your-mouth good and the flavor profile was fantastic.

    For my entree, I had the gnocchi with mushrooms. It tasted fine, but not as good as the other items ordered. The consistency was more pieces mashed potato than potato dumplings which was a bit disappointing.

    All in all, the place seems cool and the flavors were there so I'd definitely cone back and try something different.

  • 8/26/2018
    • 1 check-in

    I came here on a not so busy weekend for dinner and I was pretty satisfied. Service was very quick and waiters were really nice and helpful. Interior decor is really cool inside and there is surprisingly a lot of space for a tiny restaurant in the middle of downtown. The name of the restaurant does match up to the atmosphere and its design inside.

    This place is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a variety of options for entrees as well as drinks as desserts. Our food was served in about 20 minutes which was kind of a long time in my opinion, especially since it was not that busy. My friend went for a salmon dish with potatoes and I went with a classic burger. We were both impressed with our food but we still thought it was a bit pricey. My burger was about $18 and his salmon dish was about $25. Overall great experience, food and service, so I am planning to come back and I would recommend to anyone wanting a small bite in the heart of downtown LA!

  • 8/23/2018 Updated review
    • 1 check-in

    Parking: meters, or parking structure ($7 flat rate after 4pm).

    I came here for the DineLA experience that included a 3 course meal for $29. I ordered: kale, duck confit, and banana bread pudding. The kale salad... was unique. The sauce for the salad tasted like a combo of Caesar + Anchovies. It was an interesting combo but I wouldn't order it again. One time was good enough for me. But the duck! Omg, I would order that many times. The meat fell off the bone and straight into my mouth. As for the banana pudding, it was Devine. Overly sweet but Devine.

    4 stars for the dining experience :)

    7/31/2018 Previous review
    Parking: meters, or parking structure ($7 flat rate cash after 4pm).

    I came here for the DineLA…
  • 8/4/2018
    • Seated via Yelp Reservations
    • 1 check-in

    There is a lot of construction going on in this restaurant so blink and you'll miss it.

    We went when there was a restaurant week type deal going on. For $25 I got an appetizer, entree and dessert. Great deal.

    I got the salad with burrata for my appetizer, the flavors didn't fully go well together but the burrata was great. For my entree I got the duck, the duck was absolutely gorgeous and delicious. The meal even had some heat to it. I can't remember what I got for dessert but I do recall it being delicious.

    This restaurant was enjoyable and the service was good. They really try to make different flavors and cuisines work. Most of the times it works, sometimes not so much, but I appreciate their creativity.

  • 7/23/2018
    • 4 check-ins

    On the corner of 6th and Grand, the old Edwards & Wildley building hosts refurbished condoparments and on the bottom floor, Industriel-- a modern French eatery.  There aren't many organic restaurants in the area, and places that serve great cocktails.  Industriel seems to do both very well.  After visiting 6 times in the last two years, this French modern eatery is verifiably a fun hang.
    gold ASOS necklace with pendants ASOS in DESIGN double horn burnished layer

    They make their own bourbon and got to sample that recipe twice.  

    Where to Hang:

    The first floor is bit disjointed for me  except for the strange yet super cool honey bathtub art,  a bit busy during happy hour and I imagine at lunch too.  As cool option, Go upstairs and you are surrounded with comfy, semi private, dark, romantic spaces.   Our awesome waiter told us you either go up to the second floor on a date or find out it's your last day at work.  I see that. Lmao.

    What to Try:
    Happy hour, brunch, dinner.  Happy hour is chill even tho busy. I've had excellent food here during these times. Haven't had lunch here because I lack patience when hangry; it's packed during lunch. What I did sample was very well made plates each time.

    I really enjoy Industriel.  For under $30 per person sans cocktails/vin, it's a really good buy in downtown.   Haven't had bad food here in the 6 visits.

    Visits: 6

  • 7/24/2018
    • 1 check-in

    I really wanted to like Industriel. I really did! And when I think back to the overall experience, I had a great time. But food wise, there was much room for improvement. I came here for dineLA so I got a pretty good deal on the food but if I had paid regular price for the dishes I ate, I would've been more displeased.

    KALE SALAD (4/5): I actually really enjoyed this dish. The sauce was light, kale was crunchy, and the toppings were good. The bacon was a bit salty but still good.

    QUINOA (2/5): this dish comes with a lot of quinoa, but quantity doesn't make up for quality for me. The quinoa was just...meh. Maybe because it was flavored by roasted beets?

    STRAWBERRY SUMMER TOMATO (3/5): its a plate with 3 tomatoes, 2 strawberries, and a ball of cheese with some vinaigrette. The flavor wasn't that bad actually, but I think the kale salad is a much better option. This dish is quite refreshing nonetheless.

    DUCK CONFIT KAK'IK (5/5): probably my favorite dish of the night. Why? Because it wasn't salty!!! The duck was cooked to a crisp where the skin was crispy but the meat was still tender. The red rice tomato confit complimented the duck very well.

    TAIWANESE BRAISED BRISKET (4/5): all this dish needed was some rice. The brisket was wayyyy too salty. I really liked the flavor, don't get me wrong. But after a couple bites, I just had to stop. I was already way too full from all the water I was drinking too. The brisket was quite tender though. Not a bad dish to take home and eat with some rice or bread haha.

    SALMON (4/5): can't rly go wrong with salmon. The skin was crispy and it came with a good amount of spinach and other side veggies. I probably wouldn't pay regular price for this dish though (around $20).

    CARAMEL PRETZEL TART (4/5): so sweet and salty. A great combination!

    BANANA BREAD PUDDING (3/5): I was expecting the bread pudding to be a little softer and more moist. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Maybe I had too high expectations from all the great reviews...

    Service was great throughout the night. Sadly, the food didn't make up for it 100%. Im glad I tried out this restaurant though.

    FYI, no valet. But there is a parking lot nearby for $7 flat rate after 3pm.

  • 8/19/2018
    • 2 check-ins

    Second visit here and overall I think their brunch much better than dinner menu. The brioche french toast was delicious and not overly sweet. Died over the peach burrata salad with shrimp. Sounds weird but it worked. Friend had the egg white veggie omelet also and everyone was happy with the food. If they upped their service game they'd easily be 5 stars. Had to wait for a long time to get salt and pepper for the omelet after asking for it. And we were left alone after we got our food with no one checking to see if we wanted more of anything until it was the bill time. Luckily food was enough to keep me coming back.

  • 8/7/2018
    • Seated via Yelp Reservations

    Came here for the DineLA dinner and it was a great dinner.  It's one of those dinners where you think, this could be a regular restaurant for me!

    The first thing you see in this space is the bar.  The bar area is actually quite big and the host/hostess section is a little farther into the bar area.  The main seating area is pretty fun.  The decor is a lot of raw wood and wooden crates and some netting.  There's also the honey bears hanging over the bath tub.

    The food was scrumptious.  I had a strawberry burrata salad, duck confit, and the bread pudding.  The duck sauce a little more sour than I like, but the salmon my friend ordered was cooked just right.  Not overcooked like so many places.

    The server did actually refill my iced tea with a brown sugar simple syrup, which was a bit surprising but they rectified it quickly.

  • 6/15/2018
    • Seated via Yelp Reservations
    • 1 check-in

    Industriel has some of the friendliest staff ever, which made the experience all the more wonderful. They were able to seat us 30 min prior to our reservation, since we arrived way early.

    The interior is quite quirky! I thought it was interesting that they had a bunch of honey bottles hanging from the wall haha!

    Anyways, onto the food! We ordered:

    LAMB CHOPS (3/5): We ordered these because they ran out of the Short-Rib Croquettes. Damn. These were juicy and delicious, but very small for the $9 that we paid for it. The rub and creme fraiche was plentiful. Maybe even a little too much.

    SALMON (2/5): I rarely EVER encounter a salmon dish that I'm not fond of. And this was one of them. The salmon itself was good, but nothing stand out. The skin was not the crispiest, to my dismay, and the filet was not as tender as other salmon entrees I've had in the past. What particularly irked me about this dish were the garnishes around it. The eggplant mole was sour and reminded me of marinara. The green beans were almost tasteless, and the chimichurri sauce messed with the pure flavor of what the salmon should have had. I was very hungry that day, so I ate all of it, but I did not enjoy it at all.

    INDUSTRIEL BURGER (3/5): I mean, it's a giant burger. I liked how there was a lot of cheese and sauce, and it came with a generous amount of fries. However, the bacon was hard to chew and very tough. It was tasty, but not easy to eat inside of a burger.

    My experience here was mediocre at best. I was definitely a bit disappointed about not loving the food, since I have been wanting to go here for quite some time. There are other things on the menu that I would like to try, but I'm hesitant about going back and being let down again. That salmon really got me man.

  • 8/27/2018
    • 1 check-in

    They have one of the best lamb chops i've ever tried. It's served as an appetizer (2 for $8) and while the serving size is small you'll want to order more and more. I could go in for just that and leave satisfied. I hope this permanently stays on the menu.

    • 17 friends
    • 12 reviews
    • 30 photos
    • Seated via Yelp Reservations

    The food did take a long time considering we were one of maybe four total tables occupied for dinner at 8. The food was really good. Service was terrible. Whenever we needed something no one was around.

    • 63 friends
    • 301 reviews
    • 37 photos
    • 2 check-ins

    Food is nasty here. I ate the war pig and meat is old. At least a couple days maybe a week  since they cooked it.  The fries they served me tasted burnt. The server kept saying they are not burn d but fresh cut. That doesn't explain why it tastes burnt. I don't know how this place has 4 stars - something smell like burnt fishy smell.

  • 3/12/2018
    • 1 check-in

    Industriel was mediocre. It didn't leave the greatest impression nor was it a horrible experience. This is definitely a trendy place to try at least once, but I don't find myself returning (unless I am obliged).

    We ordered:
    Cheese Plate
    Industriel Burger
    Lambchops (9) - Comes with two tiny pieces
    Gnocchi - Tasted too mushy.
    Seasonal Vegetables - Only sweet potatoes. Make sure to ask what the seasonal veggies are. We forgot to do this.

    Parking: Street/metered parking.

  • 2/8/2018
    • 2 check-ins

    I've been here on 2 occasions: 1 for dinner and another for Dine LA lunch.

    This place is really underrated and for dinner it's not that popular.  They have a good selection of food and it was fantastic. The rotisserie chicken really jumped at me and it was beautifully flavored.

    They have a great drink and wine list as well.  If I remember correctly, you an BYOB wine and there's no corkage fee! Either that or it's $15.

    Dine LA lunch was really worth it as it came as 2 courses for $15. I started off with their roasted tomato soup and for lunch had their pork sandwich.  All so yummy!

    This place gets packed for lunch so luckily we got here before the lunch rush.  My only qualm with this place is that the order took so long to come out! Dinner was a different experience and was very speedy.

    • 0 friends
    • 38 reviews
    • 1 photo
    • Seated via Yelp Reservations

    I have been wanting to try this place for some time. We made a reservation and went Saturday night for date night.  We specifically order appetizers separate from our entrées because there's nothing more annoying then them coming in the wrong order. So we ordered appetizers, waited a bit, and then ordered entrées.  The appetizer showed up about three seconds before the entrée.  And, as if the server doesn't know that she just delivered the appetizer and literally showed back up with the entrée, she acts surprised when we are unhappy that we are two bites in to our appetizers and are faced with main dishes. She sighs exasperated and offers to re-fire our entrées "later."  We just keep everything and eat....sadly.
    The garlic shrimp  was in a really delicious sauce. It came with crusty bread that soaked up all the deliciousness. Yum. I would order it again. The duck was overcooked and dry, you really had to swirl it in the sauce to make it palatable.  The goat cheese gnocchi was tasty, with a really nice amount of mushrooms. I loved the earthy flavor. All in all, food was average at best, service not great. I would not come again.

  • 2/13/2018
    • 2 check-ins

    This year for DineLA, we picked 8 spots to try, and this was our first stop. They pretty much had me at "war pig", and really, who could say no to that?

    The restaurant didn't look all that amazing outside until we walked in. The first thing that caught my eyes was the honey bottles hanging over a bathtub. It was visually stunning and set the tone for the restaurant.

    Skirt Mini Front Tie PrettyLittleThing PrettyLittleThing qwPI11Since we were here for DineLA, I got the kale salad and war pig. The regular menu looked equally good though, things like pulled lamb ragu would be what I would come back for.

    The kale salad came with bacon, panko, anchovies, parmesan with roasted garlic bacon dressing. I only saw one single anchovy but it was pre marinated with a lot of flavors. The salad was delicious already with the dressing, but eating with the anchovy in one bite was definitely one of the best salad I had in the recent days.

    The war pig came with honey whiskey smoked pork, burrata, parmesan, feta, grain mustard on sourdough. It was tasty and not overly greasy. The picked jalapenos on the side was spicy and added a good kick to the sandwich. I just wished the sandwich had a little more crunchiness to it, but it was a good sandwich.

    Overall I enjoyed the food here a lot. The service was good at the beginning, but as the restaurant got busy, we stopped getting water refill. Still, I was able to flag someone over for it so it wasn't too much of a big deal. I would come back again.

  • 1/13/2018
    • 1 check-in

    Really glad that I got to try this place yesterday for DineLA. My wife and I enjoyed the experience and will be coming back to try their different dishes. The decor and ambience is very stylish yet comforting. With warm lighting and modern artwork, it's a great place for a date night. For the food, we each got the $29 dinner course menu.

    Appetizer: A mixed salad bowl with endives, yogurt, black rice and yellow raisin. The dish was a bit bland. The complex mix of textures and flavors was too much to appreciate.

    Main dish: Duck confit and Salmon. The meat was cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and tender and soft on the inside. The assortment of vegetables and garnishes that came with the meat were adventurous while complementing the main ingredient. The portion was also good to feel pretty satisfied.

    Dessert: Banana bread pudding. I would go back just for this! The bread was moist and dense glazed with an irresistible butter maple sauce that makes you eat nonstop. The sesame granola also added an good crunch to each bite.

    Finally, the price point at this place is quite affordable. With great food, service and ambience, I would definitely recommend eating at this place.

  • 5/10/2018
    • 1 check-in

    I really like the barn aesthetics of this place with the cool art-ish pieces like hundreds of dangling honey bear bottles, large portraits, etc. The staff was friendly and just great.

    However, the food is where it fell apart for me. Most of the group got the lunch special ($15) French Onion Soup & Industriel burgers w/ salad or fries. I got the Short Rib Croquettes ($7) and Fries ($6). Many of us thought the food was very salty to a point where it overwhelmed the seemingly delicious flavors of the dishes. The fries were pretty fact, the server proudly told us it's the same kind of potatoes used at In N' Out although I'm not sure that's something you want to say while charging me a premium price.

    My biggest gripe, and it still angers me just typing about it, was the Short Rib Croquettes...For $7 all you get are 3 tiny 1 inch fried cubes filled w/ a bit of diced short rib meat covered in some type of pickled veggie. My group and I were just shocked...literally speechless and I could feel their pity pouring over me. I just can't help but give a 1-star to places that think this is ok. Maybe I'm missing the fact that they use some super expensive ingredient but sure doesn't taste like it.

    Overall, the place is well designed and the people are nice but there's so much better food in LA especially for the price.

  • 12/1/2017
    • 3 check-ins

    I think this is my new FAVORITE MUST-try restaurant in DTLA.

    The food is fresh, perfect, gourmet, interesting, healthy and affordable.  I'm having writer's remorse because the last two times I've come here, it's NOT busy, and I don't want it to get so busy that I can't get a table.

    The service is impeccable.  Even once dinner was complete, the conversation between my party kept going and the servers kept filling our water glasses!!!  What?  Who does that in LA?

    We didn't try the drinks but several times the specialty craft cocktails sound fantastic with ingredients like persimmons!  

    The food, though, is spot on every time!

    Get the shishito peppers if you go soon!  It's a farm to table type dish and a special right now.

    If you miss it, share the kale Cesar or lamb chops to start.

    And the two dishes I've tried so far are the salmon with eggplant mole sauce and the skirt steak.  Both fantastic!  My favorite is the salmon.

    And the whole dinner with appetizers and tip comes out to only about $35-40 per person!  Whaaaaaat?

    The decor is cut and as the name implies - Industrial!  Great window seating.

    Parking is validated if you park near water grill.  Or Pershing square is a block away for $7.

    Highly highly recommend!

  • 1/7/2018
    • Seated via Yelp Reservations
    • 1 check-in

    Made reservations for party of 6 online via yelp. It was so easy and convenient. It was a perfect evening for a girlfriend's b day dinner. It wasn't too crowded for a sat evening. Service was great for the most part. It wasn't too loud where friends and I had to yell to talk.

    I ordered the mother's milk cocktail. It was awful. I personally didn't like it. It had a pungent egg smell every time I took a sip. The food wasn't bad at all. It was good, but wasn't sure if it was cause we started off with the cheese board, but all the meals ( we ordered the gnocchi, lamb, burger, fries, farm vegetable, and the steak between) started to taste the same. Similar seasoning. I have to say overall I had a great experience and may have the bf bring me here for a date night. On second thought not sure if I would go out of my way for a second visit. I'd def recommend trying the place out if it's first time.

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